We need critical thinkers, not rote-learners (source: https://www.infomance.com/master-your-critical-thinking-the-billionaires-secret/).

The UK education system is on a constant downward spiral. We are in the 21st century, but the system is stuck in the past. It has been following the system that was developed years ago. …

Air pollution in Germany (source: https://en.azvision.az/news/86910/eu-takes-germany,-5-others-to-court-over-air-pollution.html).

Today’s rapidly deteriorating air quality calls for measures to be taken immediately. Air quality laws need to be developed, passed and implemented in order to control the number of harmful air pollutants and chemicals that seeps into the global atmosphere.

Air pollution, alone, is responsible for 7 million premature deaths…

Smog in Karachi, Pakistan (source: https://www.dawn.com/news/1445562).

An introduction to smog

Every winter, a thick blanket of cloud descends upon the citizens of Pakistan. Usually misconstrued as fog, families and friends come out and gather to enjoy the cold and misty air. But, it is not fog. It is not harmless. Fog is visible water droplets suspended…

Smog in Lahore, Pakistan (source: https://www.newsweekpakistan.com/lahores-aqi-worst-in-the-world-once-again/).

What is smog?

In most densely populated and urban cities such as Lahore, Beijing and New York, smog is a grave issue. It is becoming more common due to increasing amounts of chemical emissions from industries and vehicles as well as burning wood and coal into the air. …

Rahma Altaf

Freelance writer

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